Builders Risk Insurance

Buildings are sometimes exposed to major damage when they are under construction, which is why it is important for builders to consider a builders risk insurance policy. Rather than build new structures, many property owners opt to remodel. Builders risk insurance protects contractors against liability for damages to structures while they are under construction.

A person’s or organization’s insurable interest in materials, fixtures and/or equipment being used in the construction or renovation of a structure should those items sustain damage is often covered by builder’s risk insurance. Lenders will usually require builders risk insurance before issuing financing for construction. The same applies to remodel projects.

When a business break ground on a vacant lot, it is necessary to carry builders risk insurance, as a company owner may not have a definitive insurance policy to cover the new property.

The builders risk insurance coverage, sometimes called course of construction insurance, usually lasts for the duration of the construction and expires when the project is completed.

General contractors and project owners can protect their investments in a construction project during the course of construction with the right contractors insurance policy in place. With builders risk insurance, your investments in time, materials, and even your equipment are protected from unintended incidents which could threaten your project.

Builders Risk Insurance

There are a lot of things that could happen while you’re working on a construction project. Halfway through a remodel, an unexpected fire destroys the work you’ve completed. A flash storm damages the materials you’re keeping on a project site. The tools and equipment you’re storing on-site are stolen and your completed work is vandalized. In all of these instances, you’ll face a loss. And those losses may not be covered by your traditional property insurance policy, either.

Builders risk insurance protects you from the incidents you can’t plan for, and helps you recoup your losses when the unexpected strikes.

What Does Builders Risk Cover?

When you’ve got a builders risk policy covering your construction project, you’re covered against losses which may include:

  • Theft of tools and equipment onsite
  • Fire damage to a structure in progress
  • Structural damage due to weather events
  • Vandalism to a structure in progress

Builders risk insurance reimburses your business for losses if thieves steal copper wire or tools from your project site. It covers the cost to repair or rebuild if a fire or an extreme storm damages your project. Builders risk may also cover the cost of cleanup and clearing away debris so you can get back to work without delay.

You invest a lot into a project to see it through to the end. Builders risk protects your investment so you won’t pay the price for an unexpected loss which occurs before you’ve completed your work.

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